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FCC in March

Updated: Mar 23, 2020


FCC Family, we realize that some are vulnerable and susceptible to health risks during the Covid-19 crisis, and we are praying for you, constantly. For now, the Elders have decided that we will continue meeting, as we feel the Lord is allowing us to, but if you feel you are unable to make it, we understand, and support your decision. During this time, if you choose to stay home, please consider the following:

-Meet together as a family during our services (we'll be livestreaming everything we do)

-Buy some grape juice and flatbread and participate in the Lord's Supper as we do in church together. If you can't afford it, call the church, and we will see what we can do for you.

-Have some family bible study time every day. Talk often and throughout the day of how great out God is.

-Pray together, often!

-Pray throughout the day as you seek the Lord in this storm.

-Make family meals an occasion. Put away all screens and distractions, and use the time to pray and reflect on God's goodness as you meet together.

-Consider your neighbors who may be less fortunate. Even in light of social distancing, how can you bless those around you?

-Ask the Elders and FCC ministry team how they can partner with you during this time.

-Above all, trust in God. This is nothing new, and He will provide. Allow this to be a time to increase your faith! So that we abide by the current suggestions of social-distancing AND being faithful to our God, we are adjusting our weekly activities as follows:

  • We will not have Youth and Children's activities on Wednesday and Sunday nights through the month of March. This is to coincide with the schools being closed.

  • The Church Vans will not be running.

  • We will have a Family Bible Study on Wednesdays from 6 -6:45 PM in the Sanctuary. This will be for both children and adults. Children need to sit with their family members or another adult.

  • The Men's Prayer Group will meet on Wednesdays, immediately after the Family Bible Study.

  • Young Adults group will not be meeting until further notice. Contact Bro. Brian if you need to talk.

  • No Sunday School classes until further notice.

  • We will continue to have our regular Worship Service on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM. We have adjusted the way we are serving Communion. Our servers will be accommodating for those who need it. Everyone is encouraged to sit in every other pew (social-distancing) and only with their household members. Please use only the front doors for entry.

  • Sunday Nights from 6-7 PM will be another Family Worship and Bible Study time. This will be another opportunity to take Communion, but that will be served in another room. This will be in the Fellowship Hall. Please, families sit together. There is a hand sanitizer station by the door, which will be propped open.

  • FCC Preschool is currently closed during the week of March 23-27th. If you are currently a part of the school, then please look on the Brightwheel app for any updates.

  • We will stream our worship services on Facebook and then transfer them to the website so that those at home can still participate. You can also find all of the sermons on Youtube under FCC Murfreesboro.

  • The Fellowship Potluck scheduled for March 29th has been cancelled.

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