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Partnering with FCC In Prayer for 2020

Partnering with FCC in Prayer for 2020:

1. Will you join us each Sunday by praying, actively for those on our prayer list?

OUR TROOPS & OUR COUNTRY, Brian Castilaw, Barry Wright, James Chaney, Mary Jane Welch, Winston & Katie Humphry, Patricia Pedron, Selena Spaulding, Phil Harris, Diane Henderson, Kathy McSpadden, Pete Hill, Jeff Linville, Tracy & BJ Mabery, Alex Jones, Joan Kepple, Cheryl & Gary Sisson, Mike Wilcher, Kim Crismon, Ben Woodard, Becky Posey, Elijah Edwards, Nathan Stone, Sarah Barrett, Tommy Verdon, Jerry Lindzy, Gay Flaherty

2. Will you join us in 2020 by partnering with us in prayer for specific Ministries we want to begin, and for people to lead them:

Bus Ministry (Sunday Morning) Celebrate Recovery

Community Outreach Ministry Financial Freedom Ministry Home Fellowship Ministry Website Administrator/Social Media Ministry Director Worship Leader Young Adult Ministry

3. Will you pray for our current ministry teams and their leaders:


Backpack Program Bus Ministry (Sunday Evening) Bus Ministry (Wednesday Evening) Care Team Ministry Children's Church Teacher Children's Ministry (Sunday Evening) Children's Ministry (Wednesday Evening) Communion and Offering Mediations Communion Prep Communion Server Communion Table Server Deacon Elder Fellowship Meals (Kitchen Helper) Funeral Meal Ministry Greeters Jr High and Sr High Ministry (Sunday Evening) Jr High and Sr High Ministry (Wednesday Evening) Maintenance Ministry Men's Ministry Missions Minister Nursery (Sunday Night) Nursery Ministry (Worship) Nursing Home (Sunday Morning) Prayer Ministry Small Group Ministry Sunday School Teacher Technical Ministry Toddlers Ministry Visitation Ministry Wednesday Meals Ministry Women's Ministry Worship Ministry Worship Ministry (Sound Room)

If you would like to get involved in any of our ministries, there is a place for EVERYONE to serve at FCC

Church Family, could you partner with me (Brian) and my family this year by praying for us this year? Here is what God has laid on our hearts:

For Quiet time alone with God. We need it, and don't always take it. Sometimes, we get too focused on the work of the Gospel, we miss out on time with the Father.

Spiritual Guidance. Fathers and Mothers in the Faith (thank God for our FCC Elders, and many in the church who provide!) who will guide us, not only in our ministry, but invest in our personal walk with Jesus, and our growth in Him together.

Pray for our Marriage, that we reflect Ephesians 5:21-33.

Pray that we raise our boys to be Godly young men, not just "Good Kids"

Friendships within the church. It's lonely, sometimes, and we've been hurt, and so it's hard for us to make close friends.

Finances. Pray for us to get out of our debts. I don't want to embarrass Michaelene by getting in to further detail, but we're asking God to take over.

That we become a family that is kingdom minded, and constantly making disciples, both within our home, and outside!

That we seek God in EVERYTHING we do.

To hear and obey the voice of God in everything.

Thank you for coming alongside us, and We look forward to serving and growing in the Lord alongside you in 2020! If you have a prayer request, or would like to get a hold of the elders/staff: Contact us

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