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R.D. Plant Scholarship Applications

the R.D. Scholarship applications are now available in the church office this week and they will be available every Sunday in the lobby.

Recipient Guidelines:

  1. Scholarships will be considered for those students who have been accepted into Colleges and Universities.

  2. Applicants considered for scholarships will be those who have First Christian Church as their church home for at least one year prior to application. Further, applications from those who have been regular in attendance will receive priority. First year college students who have been actively involved in the youth programs of the church will be given preference over those who have not been involved. (Note: Hopefully the student's family worships at First Christian Church and continues to worship with us while their child is receiving assistance.)

  3. Scholarship Applications must be received by the First Christian Church Scholarship Committee by the following dates: First Semester-First Sunday in August; Second Semester-First Sunday in January.

  4. All students receiving financial assistance must be "full-time students", taking a minimum of 12 semester hours of classes.

  5. It is expected that students will maintain a Grade Point Average of "C" or better (2.0 on an academic scale of 4.0), and should be meeting the school's standards of satisfactory academic progress as outlined in the school catalog and student handbook. After the first Semester a student is in college, grades must be presented to the Scholarship Committee with the application for the next Semester.

  6. In order to encourage our young people to dedicate themselves to and prepare for Christian Service, students attending a Christian Church Bible College will receive some additional financial assistance to be determined by the Scholarship Committee. (Note: We believe that the church must help prepare its future leadership for the Preaching and Teaching of the Word of God.)

  7. The Church Treasurer will advise the Scholarship Committee each semester of the available funds, and it will be the Scholarship Committee's duty to determine the amount of Scholarship Funds each student receives and distribute these funds according to their best judgment.

  8. If for some reason a Scholarship Application is not approved by the Scholarship Committee, the Elders will review it prior to advising the applicant that it has not been approved.

Please include a copy of grades received from last Semester, which must show that Semester's GPA.

If you have any questions. please call the office at (870) 285-2511 or message FCC on facebook or message Michaelene Doyle on facebook.

Applications are due back by the morning of Sunday, August 2nd, 2020!

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