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What is my Purpose?

Since an early age, I think we have an innate need to discover our purpose. Many of us think this purpose comes in a career, or with another person, or the trophies we collect, or the stuff we acquire. How often, though, do we chase these things and have it all, and still come up empty? The world promises fulfillment, happiness, and purpose, but in the end, it's like a credit card with no limit, but a large interest rate: we pile up the debt, but we can never pay it back. It's empty, and the happiness is temporary, and we are struck bearing the weight of our decisions. Yet in the Beginning, Genesis tells us we had purpose. We were made in the Image of the Living God, and we were to rule on earth, as He rules in Heaven. There is our purpose! We were made to be like God! And yet, when we do things that are against Him, Sin (and yes, even NOT doing what we're supposed to do is sin), we damage ourselves, emotionally, spiritually, and sometimes Physically. We feel like we have chains around us, we feel trapped, and stuck in prison, often times with no way out. Is it a wonder that, as we chase our own happiness, we become more depressed, more anxious, and suicide rates go up? It's because we chase lies; the first high is never what we find when we chase our dreams or happiness. It's never as good as it was, and we spend our whole lives chasing what we once had. But God (I love that phrase any time it ends up in the Bible), and any time the word "but" is used, it cancels out everything before it, So loved the world, even in our broken, sinful state, that He gave his Only SON, that whoever shall believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. The Sacrifice of Jesus restores our purpose, and our Purpose is to be like HIM! If we are restored to His Image, He empowers us through the Holy Spirit to come back in to the world, not as prisoners, but as ambassadors of His Kingdom, Sons, Daughter, and Heirs in Christ, who can help bring that Good News Message to those still living in captivity. We are like Him when we are going in to the world, and living as we are called, in our homes, neighborhoods, jobs, and everywhere the Lord may send. You and I are made to bear His Image. Let the Holy Spirit return us to our purpose, that we may rejoice and be glad, even when it gets hard, and share the Gospel Message everywhere we go!

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